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Remington PG340 All-in-One Kit

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Manufacturer: Spectrum Brands
Product Code: PG340
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Remington PG340 All-in-One Kit

This Personal Grooming Kit Includes: Titanium coated blades, 3 attachment heads, Wide trimmer for sharp lines, Fine trimmer for detailed styling, Linear nose & ear trimmer, 2 combs, 0.5 - 20mm, Rubberised grip, Rechargeable, Charging indicator light, Washable heads for easy cleaning, Storage pouch and a Cleaning brush. The Titanium Coated blades make them 300% harder, for a longer lasting cutting performance. This rechargeable model gives up to 40 minutes for each shave so you have plenty of time to perfect your grooming regime.
  • Titanium coated blades
  • 3 attachment heads, wide trimmer for sharp lines, fine trimmer for detailed styling & linear nose & ear trimmer
  • 2 combs, 0.5-22mm
  • Rubberised grip
  • Rechargeable
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