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Take a closer look at the Kyocera Hydro Icon (pictures)

The Hydro Icon is waterproof and cheap, but it doesn't offer much else.... Read more

Sell your 3D-printed My Little Pony fan art with Hasbro's blessi

Bronies with 3D design skills have an official outlet for hocking My Little Pony creations thanks to a partnership between Hasbro and Shapeways.... Read more

Comcast admits service rep did what he was trained to do

In an internal memo, Comcast's chief operating officer says a customer service call recorded by tech journalist Ryan Block was painful to listen to. He promises changes.... Read more

Halo music composer settles with game-maker Bungie for $95,000

The composer says he was fired "without cause." He's been given unpaid work and vacation time, as well as damages.... Read more

Massively Speaking Episode 306: Alternative advancement

Filed under: Podcasts, MMO Industry, Massively Meta, Massively Speaking, Miscellaneous The podcasters are heading back to Camelot this week ("it's only a model" "shh!") with a slew of reveals from this upcoming RvR MMO. Bree and Justin will also analyze the recent industry subscriber report to see what it means -- and how accurate it may or may not... Read more

6 things to remember about iPhone 6 rumors

Gossip about Apple's next iPhone is everywhere. Crave's Eric Mack has a half dozen things to keep in mind as you watch the rumor mill spin.... Read more

Firefall brings multiple raids to launch

Filed under: Betas, Sci-Fi, Launches, Free-to-Play, MMOFPS, Dev Diaries, Dungeons If you live and breathe big battles with lots of friends in MMOs, then you're going to be delighted when Firefall launches next week. The retuned sci-fi shooter will feature not one, not two, not four, but definitely three 20-person raids from the beginning. A new d... Read more

Buying Guide: Best 2-in-1 laptops: top 5 hybrid laptops reviewed

Microsoft's Windows 8 didn't just shake up the company's entire software empire, but the mobile computing industry to boot. Given the dualistic nature of the new Windows, laptop and tablet makers responded in kind with devices commonly known as 2-in-1 laptops, or hybrid laptops.These are devices that are able to serve as both a laptop and a tablet,... Read more