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Driving coach boosts your mileage, saves cash

This Android app collects data while you drive and gives you a personalized report of your car's fuel efficiency.... Read more

Dash keeps you safe and efficient on the road (pictures)

This handy Android app tracks your car's performance and your driving behaviors so you can drive safely and improve fuel efficiency.... Read more

Labels claim Pandora owes money for streaming old songs, probabl

Pandora can't catch a break, it seems. Just weeks after the streaming radio service escaped paying higher royalties to songwriters, record companies and musicians have sued it in a New York court for allegedly violating state copyright laws by...... Read more

Big Band, Skullgirls' first male character, joins the fight next

Though Skullgirls Encore has always been defined by its distaff roster of pugilists, the 2D fighter is about to get a shot of gender equality in the form of Big Band. As his name makes plainly clear, Big Band is an oversized character who relies on...... Read more

Devs: Didn't win lottery for Apple's WWDC tickets? You might sti

Apple faithful this year had to be picked by chance to buy a ticket to the company's annual developer confab. But the unlucky ones not chosen may still get be able to buy a ticket.... Read more

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 caught in PS3 bundle's web

Sony announced a new PlayStation 3 bundle via Twitter today, boxing up the latest Spider-Man game with a 500 GB console. The $270 package is available for pre-order through Walmart and includes the Activision-published game The Amazing Spider-Man 2,...... Read more

Review: Updated: ThinkPad X1 Carbon review

Introduction and designBusiness laptops are boring. There, I said it, and I doubt many would disagree. And judging by the looks of the new Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, the company's designers would likely nod in agreement. Lenovo has developed a knack for sexing up the business Ultrabook, for better or worse – just look at the ThinkPad Yoga.I'... Read more

Cave Story will finally reach the European 3DS eShop in May

Japanese indie adventure Cave Story has seen a lot of iterations over the years with relatively straight ports on WiiWare and DSiWare, a full 3D remake on 3DS, and a spruced up Steam release with extra content called Cave Story+. This final - and arguably definitive - rendition of Cave Story was released on 3DS in North America way back in October... Read more