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Xenoblade's Shulk confirmed for Super Smash Bros.

Xenoblade Chronicles hero Shulk was confirmed for Super Smash Bros. this morning in Japan's Nintendo Direct, giving more credence to the alleged leaked images and videos showing Bowser Jr and the Duck Hunt dog as part of the fighter's roster. Check...... Read more

Get strangers to deliver the bad news with 'Somebody' messaging

If you've ever sat back, stared into the sky and wonder would happen if WhatsApp was taken over by a singing telegram service, then boy, today is your lucky day. Film director and artist Miranda July has teamed up with Prada sub-brand Miu Miu (nope,...... Read more

How Dragon Age: Inquisition carries the story onto next gen

     Following on from part one, concludes our discussion of all things Dragon Age: Inquisition  with executive producer Mark Darrah and creative director Mike Laidlaw. Here, the creators cover how players will continue their epic stories across console generations, upping the difficulty while giving gamers more control, and how ... Read more

Apple's confirmed 9 Sep event may be a massive one

Apple has announced its much-rumoured 9 September event, at which it is expected the company will reveal a range of new products. The safe money goes on the iPhone 6, which is anticipated will be larger than the current model. Consensus amongst industry watchers is that at least one iPhone 6 will measure 4.7 inches (the current iPhone 5s and 5c... Read more

Nintendo unveils 'new' 3DS, 3DS XL

Nintendo announced 'new' models of the 3DS and 3DS XL during this morning's Direct stream for Japan. The new versions feature a small "C-stick" analog pad on the right hand side above SNES-like colored face buttons. During the presentation, Nintendo...... Read more

Facebook revamps mobile search to sift through old posts

Facebook is currently testing a feature it hopes to roll out across its mobile apps that will allow users to search their friends' old posts using keywords. At the moment only a select number of Facebook users can test the tool, which lets them search back through time for posts or content that appeared on the pages of friends or pages they foll... Read more

iPhone 6 -- the jolt that mobile payments need

Apple's rumored embrace of true mobile payments may finally shake up how we pay for goods and services after years of empty promises.... Read more

Nokia's HERE Maps is coming to Android as a Samsung exclusive

Relations between Google and Samsung are already a little tense, but the Korean smartphone maker may just have elevated those frustrations a little further. Extending its existing deal to provide mapping data on Samsung's Tizen wearables, Nokia (the...... Read more