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Industry voice: Apple finding its way with Apple Pay

Apple has proven itself to be quite the industry disruptor. Just look at the phone market; the introduction of the tablet and its inroads into the music industry with iTunes, with rumours of its entry into the payments market having been long expected. With the announcement of Apple Pay recently, we could be on the verge of seismic change for the d... Read more

Hands-on review: Honor 6

Introduction, design and displayThe Honor 6 (by, say it quietly, Huawei) has touched down in Europe and the UK, touting superfast 4G speeds and octa-core power at a rather attractive price point.While it's a new phone for Europe, the Honor 6 was actually launched in Asia back in June, but don't let that put you off.It packs in a punchy octa-core pr... Read more

Looks like Google's Project Ara will actually be called...

Google has trademarked the Ara name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office which means it is likely that 'Project Ara' won't just be the codename of Google's exciting modular smartphone, but will in fact be its final name with the 'Project' prefix dropped.Google's trademarking of Ara means that we might not have too long to wait to see ... Read more

Simple paper 'litmus' test detects disease, infection

Researchers at the Harvard Wyss Institute have developed a simple, printed paper test that could be used for pathogen detection, including cases of ebola.... Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 defeats iPhone 6 Plus in our best phones r

Once again, the time has come to give our 10 best phones roundup another shakeup. After all, 2014 is drawing to a close and we've pretty much seen all of the big releases we're going to get this year.So what are the scores on the doors? You might be interested to know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has beaten the iPhone 6 Plus, though only by one s... Read more

Nintendo makes a surprising return to profit as new console rumo

It's about time Nintendo had some good news, and the company can probably look forward to its best Christmas in some time, having just posted its first quarterly profit for quite a while.The 215 million yen operating profit of this quarter is made even more impressive by the fact Nintendo made a 18 billion yen loss in the same quarter a year ago, a... Read more

Oppo N3 launches alongside 'world's thinnest smartphone'

We've known for some time that the Oppo N3 was in the pipeline, but today the company officially revealed it along with a second phone, the R5, at an event in Singapore.The standout feature of the N3 is a motorised 16MP camera atop the handset that can rotate up to 206 degrees and move automatically when shooting selfies or panoramas.The camera use... Read more

£199 laptop market attracting more manufacturers

Not a single month goes by without analysts pointing out that the traditional PC market, which includes both laptops and desktops, are on its last legs.That might be the case but laptops at least are not going out without a fight. All major vendors - bar Acer - now have a sub-£200 model in their portfolio with Dell being the cheapest without any... Read more