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iOS 8 isn't playing nice with Dropbox

Oh dear, Apple's latest mobile operating system is due to touch down today and one well-known cloud service is already having problems.Dropbox has posted on its company blog that a "compatability issue" with the new software means that the auto-upload feature that syncs users' photos and videos isn't working correctly."If you upgrade to iOS 8, don'... Read more

Instagram ads are coming to UK feeds very soon

While Instagram has been monetising its app for nearly a year, UK users have enjoyed scrolling through timelines that are completely free of ads. Until today, that is. The company has taken to the service to share the very first sponsored post with...... Read more

Photokina 2014: Shooting video with stills cameras? You're doing

Red cameras are modular systems – you choose a body, you choose a sensor, you pick a lens mount and then a clip-on monitor. Anyone who can remember far enough back (not us, obviously) will see the parallels with Hasselblad's old 120-format film SLRs.Red makes two bodies – 'Scarlet' is the cheaper option, and 'Epic' is the high-end ver... Read more

Gran Turismo 6 update adds new cars, track and mode

Steering controller support extended, force feedback adjustments introduced. Sony has released a Gran Turismo 6 update which introduces new cars and a fresh track, among other features. Click here to read the full article... Read more

How to extend your Smartphone battery life

Smartphones aren't really phones. They are small personal computers that you can carry around with you. They just happen to also make phone calls -- but that's not what most people use them for. Yes, these tiny computers are awesome and useful -- but there is a downside. The battery life is terrible. The only way I can make it through a day withou... Read more

Goat Simulator released on iOS and Android

Bleat 'em up now available on tablets and mobile devices. Comedy game Goat Simulator is now available for download on iOS and Android. Click here to read the full article... Read more

The Clue Mansion, Completely Remade in The Sims 4

Killing someone with a candlestick might be impossible in The Sims 4, but apart from that, everything looks perfect in raiderofawesome and PushingUpRoses' recreation of the Boddy Mansion from the murder mystery board game Clue (or Cluedo for Europeans).Read more...... Read more

Destiny's Vault of Glass already cleared

The Primeguard clan of Destiny guardians were the first to break through the Vault of Glass, some 11 hours after the raid launched yesterday. The six-person team posted proof of their exploits on Twitter, and soon after Bungie acknowledged them as...... Read more