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Sony's Pre-TGS 2014 press conference live report

No The Last Guardian, but join us for plenty more on Monday morning from 7am BST. ... Read more

Toshiba to introduce high-speed, wireless TransferJet tech to th

The company's plans for its transfer technology start with USB adaptors, but the ultimate goal is embedding TransferJet into smartphones.... Read more

Sprint offers free international WiFi calls for your next overse

There's just enough time to pop off for a far-flung holiday before summer ends, and Sprint's trying to make calling home from Guangzhou a little easier. The canary-hued carrier announced the other day that it's launching free international WiFi...... Read more

Madden NFL 15 review

Madden NFL 15's intro is a sight to behold. Presented with that particular tone of intense, hackneyed masculinity that's fallen out of fashion outside the sport of American football, the sequence works as an accurate barometer for your satisfaction of what's to come. Enjoy it and you'll love Madden 15; despise it and this is not for you.The reason ... Read more

Ultimate NES Remix slides onto 3DS later this year

Ultimate NES Remix infuses 3DS with the series' mashed-up tapas approach to revisiting 8-bit classics, starting November 11 in Europe and December 5 in North America. According to Nintendo's brief announcement the 3DS entry features content from 16...... Read more

In Depth: What business users should expect from the iPhone 6

Another year, another iPhone release. With the iPhone 6 release reportedly set for September 9,TechRadar has already said the new smartphone could be one of the most pivotal devices in Apple's history. The iPhones 5S and 5C were arguably simple, superficial updates over the iPhone 5. However, with an entirely new operating system (iOS 8) and rumore... Read more

PAX Prime 2014: State of Decay takes steps toward something larg

Filed under: Horror, MMO Industry, Events (Massively's Coverage), Buy-to-Play Down at Undead Labs' new studio in Seattle, there is evidence of one low-tech approach to development. It's a very large, flat table that designers use to playtest pen-and-paper games that they create on the spot. By playing back and forth, organic brainstorming occurs an... Read more

Ultimate NES Remix coming to 3DS in November

NES Remix Pack also announced for North American retail. Ultimate NES Remix will take the time-trial retro gaming series onto 3DS in time for the holidays, Nintendo announced Friday.Click here to read the full article... Read more