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BlackBerry: We're still in the phone business

CEO John Chen says the company is committed to earning back your business with its next phone -- the BlackBerry Classic.... Read more

New app blocks your work email when you go home

Enforced Vacation has humanity at its core. Its makers claim their app will "give people back their personal time."... Read more

The complete guide to Google Fit

Everything you need to know about Google's new health platform.... Read more

Pro snowboarder creates autonomous camera drone Hexo+

Xavier de la Rue has been a pro snowboarder since he was 17 and has been seven times world champion. Although he still boards, de la Rue's life has recently taken a different course, he tells the audience at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna. He is now also a filmmaker, an inventor and a tech entrepreneur. Perhaps none of this is particularly surp... Read more

Choose My Adventure: Closing off our time in Swordsman

Filed under: Fantasy, Historical, News Items, PvE, Free-to-Play, Hands-On, Choose My Adventure, MMORPG, Swordsman I've spent quite a bit of time in Perfect World Entertainment's Swordsman this month. Thanks to the unique layout of October 2014, Swordsman ended up getting an extra week compared to most Choose My Adventure endeavors. And while I'm re... Read more

Twitter's data deal with IBM helps companies know what you like

Many of the companies you deal with like to keep tabs on what Twitter users say, but they rarely have a true sense of what the world is thinking -- are people spreading positive buzz, or is there trouble brewing? IBM doesn't want to leave that...... Read more

Retail's response to Apple Pay and Google Wallet gets hacked bef

If the retailers backing the CurrentC mobile payment system hope to topple NFC-based technology like Apple Pay and Google Wallet, they may need to improve their safeguards for your data. CurrentC is now warning people in its beta program that...... Read more

Samaritans Radar scans your Twitter feed and notifies you of pos

The Samaritans charity is best known for its 24-hour helpline, which offers emotional support to anyone that's feeling down in the dumps. With many people, especially youngsters, now broadcasting every intimate detail of their lives on Twitter, the...... Read more